Govt to deliver according to manifesto – Scott

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—Vice President, Guy Scott, has appealed to the people of Kapiri-Mposhi District to vote for Patriotic Front (PF) candidate, Eddie Musonda, in the forth-coming Parliamentary by-elections.

Dr Scott said the people should carefully consider voting for Mr Musonda because currently, the   PF is the only party with a promising future in the country.

Speaking yesterday when he addressed the multitude at Lukomba Secondary School in Mpula Ward, Dr Scott said his government will deliver development to the Zambians in accordance with the campaign promises made during the September 2011 tripartite elections.

The Vice President appealed to the people in Kapiri-Mposhi to exercise a little patience and faith in the PF leadership, saying the government is aware that many Zambians are wondering when it will bring development to the country and that efforts are being made to ensure that most of the challenges  are addressed.

He observed that it is impossible for his government to change things overnight because there has been a lot of damage experienced over the last 30 years but promised that all will be well for Zambia because the government is working tirelessly to address the problems.

Dr Scott, therefore, appealed to the residents in Kapiri-Mposhi to vote for PF on April 23, 13 in order to ensure development in the country.

And PF elections campaign manager, Jean Kapata, has assured the people of Kapiri-Mposhi that they will see immense development in the area once they vote for PF candidate, Eddie Musonda.

Mrs Kapata, who is also Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health, said Mr Musonda is the only credible candidate among the three candidates vying for the Kapiri-Mposhi seat.

She said UPND candidate, Lawrence Zimba, has already instilled doubt in the minds of the electorates because he engaged in corrupt practices to scoop the seat during the September 2011 elections and because of that, the people of Kapiri have undoubtedly lost confidence in him.

She added that UNIP candidate, Francis Mwape, is not a factor to the PF because the party is long gone and has nothing to offer the Zambians in terms of development.

Mrs Kapata, therefore, urged the residents to vote for Mr Musonda, saying it is only the PF government that has the capacity to resuscitate the country’s economy.

And Central Province Minister, Philip Kosamu, has stated that escalating lies that President Michael Sata is ill will not help the opposition to win the April 23 by-elections.

Mr Kosamu said the move by the opposition to generate lies about President Sata’s health is a clear sign that the opposition has run out of ideas.

He advised the opposition to focus on issue-based campaigns if they are to attract even a handful of voters in the forth-coming elections.

The minister said there is need for the opposition to accept that the PF is currently the party in power and will rule Zambia for as long as the Lord wants.