-Ministers condemns shoddy works

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Deputy Minister of Health Christopher Mulenga has bemoaned the poor work attitude of local contractors who do not fulfil their contractual obligations of putting up good quality roads.

Mr Mulenga said most local contractors countrywide were unprofessional in their dealings and disappointed government by performing shoddy works while allways being behind schedule.

Mr Mulenga was however quick to mention that there are contractors that are good and professional in their work and are determined to do their work professionally using  modern technology.

ZANIS reports that Mr Mulenga said this in Kabompo today when he met officers from Kabompo district administration.

The deputy Minister appealed to local contractors to improve their work attitude and culture because government was keen on giving them contracts in a bid to empower the local Zambians.

He advised that Zambians must learn from foreign contractors on how to fulfil their contractual obligations and working professionally.

Meanwhile, Mr Mulenga has said KR142 million has been put aside this year for infrastructure development and improving health services across the country.

Mr Mulenga further stated that over KR500 million has also been allocated in the 2013 budget to procure drugs and surgical supplies.

Mr Mulenga said the KR142 million will go towards the construction of district hospitals, rehabilitation and extension of health facilities, setting up of training institutions, and the construction of houses.

He explained that about KR50 million will go towards construction of district hospitals,KR25 million is for extension services and KR14 million will be spent on constructing staff accommodation.

The deputy minister disclosed that government has procured over 200 ambulances to be distributed across the country to address some of the transport challenges hospitals faced.

The minister is on a tour of Kabompo district to check on the state of health facilities.