4)—Mporokoso intensifies climate change fight

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–The fight against indiscriminate cutting down of trees as a measure to fight climate change is taking shape among the people of kaputu community in Mporokoso district of northern province.

Coordinator of Malaila Community Based Enterprise Charles Masange has disclosed this to ZANIS in Mporokoso today.

Mr Masange said Malaila Community Based Enterprise has embarked on a serious campaign of stopping indicriminate cutting down of trees in shibwalya-kapila chiefdom.

He explained that his organisation is giving knowledge to the citizens on how to harvest from non timber products found in the forest and methods of protect the environment from degradation.

Mr Masenga said with support funding from the Civil Society Environmental Fund (CSEF) and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) his organisation has put in place measures to stop the massive cutting down of trees which is a common practice in the area by educating the community to embark on income generating ventures such as bee keeping, farming activities and fish farming projects.

He said so far a reasonable number of the Malaila Community Based Enterprise members have taken up the idea and have started investing in the forest by putting up bee hives.

And a visting Environmental Conservationist based in Mkushi who is also a board member of the community Based Natural resource Managemet Forum (CBNRM) was impressed that the malaila community has began to conserve nature profitably.

Meanwhile, a member of the Malaila Community based Enterprise Wilfred Mutambo who has owns about 7 bee hives said the investment has monetary value while protection the environment.

About 20 People are benefiting from the malaila community based enterprise through projects asuc as carpentry, timber trade bee-keeping.