3)–Councillor predicts hunger in Nanswa ward

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An MMD civic leader in Serenje says hunger is looming in Nanswa ward which has been affected by poor rainfall pattern this year.

Nanswa ward Councillor Kennedy Kango has predicted a hunger situation in his area following the poor rainfall pattern.

Mr. Kango told ZANIS in an interview in Serenje today that despite the early distribution of farming inputs to the small scale farmers in the area, most fields have recorded a poor yield due to inadequate rains.

He said maize, beans and other crops have wilted as rainfall patterns were bad in the area.

The councillor named the most hit areas as Nanswa, Chileka, Chinini and Posa and that most households are already experiencing food shortages.

Councillor Kango has also revealed that most households are currently feeding on pumpkins and some tubers which are not yet ripe.

Mr. Kango who was flanked by the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) Chairperson Whiteson Matabula has since appealed to government to send relief food to the area to save the villagers from starvation.