–Zambezi gets 20 extension officers

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Zambezi gets 20 extension officers

Zambezi, April 3, 2013, ZANIS —The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has dispatched twenty (20) extension officers to Zambezi district in the north-western province.

Acting Zambezi district agricultural coordinating officer Brian Msoni disclosed the development at a field day organised by Yambeeji Honey and Rice Products over the Easter week-end.

Mr Msoni said the district has 39 agricultural camps but that only 19 camps had officers manning them.

He said with the deployment of the 20 new extension officers each camp will now have an extension officer and urged farmers to utilize them.

Mr Msoni commended the Patriotic Front government for giving the district enough officers.

He nevertheless appealed to the government to construct good roads in the district especially in the west bank so that transportation of farming inputs and products is made easier.

Officiating at the same occasion, Zambezi district commissioner Catherine Mukuma applauded the PF government for reducing the number of unemployed youths by giving jobs to twenty extension officers.

Ms Mukuma advised the farmers in the district to report any officers who will indulge themselves in vices such as alcohol drinking at the expense of providing services to the farmers.

She also warned the newly employed officers to be serious with their work because the PF government is in a hurry to deliver on its campaign promises.

Ms Mukuma commended Yambeeji Honey and Rice Products for supplementing government work.

She appealed to the Ministry of Agriculture and Yambeeji to continue encouraging the farmers to use good farming methods that will preserve the soil fertility and build a better environment for the future.

Yambeeji Honey and Rice Products in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture has been  offering inputs and training farmers new techniques of growing rice as opposed to their usual traditional practices.

The company has also introduced the upland variety called Nerica 4 to the farmers in North – western province.

Yambeeji Honey and Rice Products Director, Chibonta Chilala told the District Commissioner that his company is encouraging farmers to practice crop rotation and organic farming.

He added that the company is also looking for a market for the farmers in South Africa.