Pay workers, minister directs Luapula PACU

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The deputy minister responsible for natural resources and environmental protection has directed the Luapula provincial accounting unit (PACU) to pay the over four hundred workers at Kapweshi forestry plantation their four months salary arrears.

Dr. Mutaba Mwali issued the directive yesterday in Mwansabombwe when he visited the plantation to acquaint himself with the operations.

The deputy minister was greeted by scores of irate workers on arrival at Kapweshi forestry plantation demanding payment of their dues that have been pending since December last year. 

Dr Mwali was shocked to learn that over KR 170,000 has not been paid to the workers at the plantation a month after it was withdrawn from the bank.

“It is shocking that the people entrusted to handle public funds can be so deceitful to a point of faking documents purporting that the money in question has been paid,” he said.

Dr. Mwali who immediately sought the intervention of Luapula province minister Benson Kapaya said it is unacceptable to keep people waiting for months without paying them when the money is available.

The deputy minister lamented that it is sad that the government has to deal with people who are not sincere and bent on perpetuating bad vices that are detrimental to development. 


  1. Zambian scums suckers and rip offs, how can someone keep the money for a month and not expect to be found out, while workers are probably going without food in their homes?