Sinazongwe water problems

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 The problem of water supply in the rural communities of Sinazongwe district is a challenge to many people. At  Siankodobbo primary school in Senior Chief Mweemba’s  area the School has been operating without water since January this year.

On March 31, 2013,  Sinazongwe District council secretary, Oliver Muuka had called for technical assistance to address the problem of dried up boreholes in the Nkandabbwe mining area.


Mr.  Muuka, said the local authority had since written to the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development requesting for experts to help determine the cause of the peculiar situation.

The District Council Secretary said this in an interview in  Sinazongwe District.

Mr. Muuka noted that preliminary findings by a local nongovernmental organization, Kaluli Development Foundation, are that  due to improper underground mining methods has resulted in dried up wells in the area.


The council secretary said all boreholes sunk by the council have dried up under unexplained circumstances.

He said it was for this reason that government experts have been called in so that if investigation prove that it is due to bad mining activities, the companies involved  should be held accountable.


Mr. Muuka said mining companies found wanting will obliged to supply water to the affected communities in the area.


Collum coalmine, which was Chinese run, is among mining companies located in the Nkandabbwe mining area.


  1. Please muletusebanya, use your educated water engineers to isolate the cause than saying "..unexplained circumstances." There is Science in the world, this is 2013, wake up and smell the coffee.