EFZ condemns EU on promoting homosexuality in Zambia

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——-The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) has condemned the European Union for promoting homosexuality, lesbian and transgender practices in Zambia.

EFZ Executive Director, Pukuta Mwanza, said the Church organisation in Zambia totally rejects the illicit act being perpetuated by the European Union which he said is against the Christian values in the nation.

Rev Mwanza said FEZ is extremely displeased with the letter written by the EU which seeks to promote homosexuality in Zambia.

In a letter copied to the Minister of Home Affairs and the Europian Union (EU), dated April 2, 2013, Rev Mwanza said the EFZ was responding to an advert which was placed in one of the media organisations, dated March 21, 2013.

Rev Mwanza stressed that the so-called advert was not welcome in the Christian Nation, Zambia.

He said this in a Press Statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today

Rev Mwanza stated that all churches in Zambia firmly support the position that has been taken by the Zambian Government in rejecting this unnatural practice.

He said it is unlawful in Zambia to engage in homosexual acts, adding that the behaviour of the European Union in promoting the barbaric act in the nation is at variance with the law of this country and that it is unacceptable to the Zambian society.

He further urged the Zambian Government not to succumb to such proposals which he said were trying to seek and interfere with the internal affairs of this nation.

Rev Mwanza stressed that by promoting the so-called human rights that are contrary to the country’s fundamental Christian values as well as African and traditional beliefs and practices was not doing good to the nation.

Rev Mwanza said the position of Government has accurately reflected the popular and majority position of the Zambian people on this matter both religious and secular.

He added that the Christian community in Zambian is not pleased in totality with the said advert which was dispatched by the European Union in a named publication.

He said the Christian Community will stand to protect the morality of this country and the Zambian society at large.

Rev Mwanza noted that in a democratic nation like Zambia, the interest of the majority must be respected, adding that the interest of the minority groups to pursue unacceptable practices and behaviours cannot supersede the interests of the majority.

He said the promotion of homosexuality in Zambia is a breach of the Republican Constitution, saying the audacity with which the EU is seeking to promote this illicit act raises grave concern to citizens in the nation.

And Rev Mwanza has also reiterated that his Church organisation strongly supports and that it will continue supporting the statement from Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu.

Minister Lungu recently indicated that Zambia rejects the move which has been taken by the EU on the promotion of homosexuality, lesbian and transgender practices in the nation in Zambia.

Rev Mwanza advised the EU to rethink and reflect on this matter again and be sensitive to the nation’s local beliefs and acceptable norms by rescinding the decision.

He said the EU should as well offer an ernest apology on this transgression they have taken in a sovereignty nation like Zambia.