ZAWA police ‘pocketing’contraband

Liuwa Plain National Park

Kalabo district commissioner  Irene Mate has expressed disappointment with the manner in which the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) was disposing  game meat  confiscated from poachers in the Liuwa Plain National Park in Kalabo.

Speaking during a  District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) meeting in Kalabo last weekend Mrs. Mate observed that ZAWA police officers shared the game meat after  confiscating it from poachers instead of burning the contraband.

Mrs. Mate said that the sharing of confiscated poached game meat among the wildlife police officers was sending a very wrong signal to the community.

And in the same DDCC meeting, a report that was submitted by the Natural Resources Sub-Committee revealed that poaching in the Liuwa Plain National Park was on the increase  this time of the year when the area was flooded  coupled with inadequate police.