Govt urged to fund traditional medical research

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——-Traditional Health Practitioners Association of Zambia (TAPAZ) president, Rodwell Vongo, has urged the government to help the traditional healers financially in order to help train people in traditional medicine.

Dr Vongo said traditional medicine is a sleeping giant in Zambia which is able to bring billions of Kwacha to the nation if government invested in it.

He stated that countries like India, China and South Africa have invested a lot of money in traditional medicine and that is the reason they are able to come to Zambia with their medicine.

Dr Vongo said it is important for government to invest in research like other nations because the investment in Sondashi Formula, although is a good move, may be just a drop in an Ocean.

He said there are many more traditional doctors who can help with the cure of diseases like TB, cervical cancer and prostate cancer among others.

Meanwhile, Dr Vongo has expressed sadness over the death of a 6 months old child that was operated on by a traditional healer in Ndola.

He said although this traditional practice is almost dying in many societies in the nation, it is still being embraced by some other tribes in Zambia in order to control stammering in children.

Dr Vongo said although modern science does not recognize ‘Kalimba’ in childhood, it is important for the traditional healers at this age of science to take such a case to medical practitioners at hospitals.

He also stressed the point that the traditional healer who conducted the operation is not registered with TAPAZ, a situation he described as unfortunate and regrettable.