No more queueing to pay airport tax


Effective Thursday 07 March 2013, National Airports departure and security taxes will be included in all Proflight tickets for flights departing from Lusaka, Ndola, Livingstone and Mfuwe.

The airport departure tax (JI) and security tax (QJ) will be included in the ticket price.  Passengers with tickets issued or re-issued on or after 7 March will not have to queue to pay their taxes.

Airport staff may check tickets to ensure compliance and those with tickets issued prior to 7 March will still have to pay the taxes before check-in.

This development will make significant improvements to the overall passengers travel experience as they will no longer have the inconvenience of standing in queues, having to change currency, etc.  We recommend that during the interim period our customers  print out their e-tickets for their convenience.  If you do not have your ticket you may be asked to produce ID so NACL can check your name against a list which will show whether included or not.