Tourism industry in Zimbabwe is growing-fast

Victoria Falls

According to the Regional Tourism Organisation of Southern Africa (Retosa), the fastest growing industry in Zimbabwe at the moment is tourism. Though faced by political and economic challenges, the country still attracts tourists and stays strong in the tourism industry.

Taking into consideration the recently concluded constitutional referendum which was very peaceful, the country can be considered ripe for conducting business with other countries.
The demand for Zimbabwe’s tourism products is on the rise due to its thriving peace and the fact that it will be hosting the 2013 UN Tourism Organization general assemble in partnership with neighboring Zambia. This presents an opportunity to thrive greatly in the tourism sector.
Zimbabwe has one of the richest wildlife found in the entire southern Africa region. The country is mainly famous for its culture, wildlife, and famous landmarks such as the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and Victoria Falls.
Victoria Falls is among the largest waterfalls in the entire world. It is one of the key features that make Zimbabwe a lucrative travel destination for tourists. There are a lot of infrastructural developments which have taken place around the falls such as lodges, hotel resorts and recreational centers.

This has led to a big potential for both rural and urban investment opportunities. Investors all over the world are looking to Zimbabwe’s tourism industry as a profitable investment. The main investment areas include hotels, lodges and the transport sector. The country also has a huge labor force that is energetic and full of talent and creativity.
Zimbabwe is located between South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique. Being landlocked, one can access the country either by air, road or railway.


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