Be positive, Kalu urges football family

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Kalusha Bwalya has urged the Zambian football fraternity to adopt a strong sense of positivity as the national governing body continued on a path of development and success.

The FAZ chief said with a positive attitude among all stakeholders in the association, members will be able to apply themselves well and work together as one.

“We need to adopt a strong sense of Positivity,” Kalusha said.

According to, the FAZ President said this at the FAZ Annual General Meeting held at the Mulungushi Rock of Authority in Kabwe today.

He said that positivity blocks out any ill intentions that counteract negativity stressing that “We need to adopt a strong spirit of goodwill and teamwork. “

“These values have seen us through some difficult times and have also allowed us to enjoy some really good times,” Kalusha said.

He said FAZ annual gatherings provided members an opportunity to renew their commitment and dedication to a sport they all love.

“We are here to review, to plan and to share experiences so as to encourage one another in our various assignments.
“ Development of the game is key and I am confident that we are all of the same mind-set when it comes to the future of football in Zambia.
“  A future of unearthing new talent and a future with enormous potential,” the FAZ president told a packed gathering .

He encouraged members to remain dedicated and consistent in their work for Zambian football to continue on a good path it was.

” It is through your commitment, determination and unity of purpose that we have been able to consistently move forward with our endeavours. We have managed to turn around the fortunes of our game and overcome all odds, both on and off the field to be where we are today. Imagine where we can be tomorrow if we continue on this upward trend?”

“The challenge of our times and the demands of modern football require all of us to continue being disciplined, focused and steadfast in pursuit of the good of the Zambian game,” he said.


Extraordinary effort, heart and courage key for FIFA World Cup, says Kalu

FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya said with the Chipolopolo leading World Cup qualifying Group D at the halfway mark, 2013 still holds promise of being one of the greatest and most memorable in Zambia’s footballing history.

But the FAZ chief said qualification would only be attained through sustained collective effort, commitment and hard work. He said the country will fight for every available point on the road to Brazil 2014.

“Like anything that is good, nothing will come easy or on a silver platter. We have to fight for our honour, for every point and in every match and the glory we desire will finally manifest. It cannot be done in one match, or two matches or three matches but in all fixtures!

The FAZ chief also cautioned that the road to Brazil 2014 had no margin of error and required maximum efforts, determination and skill of every player.

Addressing a historical FAZ council which enacted club licensing, Kalusha said: “You are fully aware that we are on the tough and difficult road to attain qualification into our first ever FIFA World Cup.
“  We are still one point ahead after our disappointing draw in Lesotho, and need to hang onto every single available point hereon in. There is no margin for error.

“You know better than anybody else in this country how tough the challenge of any game and championship is. You also know the heart, courage and determination that is required to fight through a championship and emerge as winners.

“  History alone will not get us there; effort, determination and skill will get us there,” he said adding: “The qualifiers are like a football match. Every team will have its moment but it those who stand the test and endure even the toughest moments that emerge victorious.”

He called on every member of the football family to do whatever they could to render support to the Chipolopolo.

He said the football fraternity must fear the challenge but to support and believe in the effort of the boys.

“We must find it in our hearts to do something extraordinary. We must join hands, believe and say that yes we shall back our boys and girls at our clubs; that yes we shall run the full course in the league no matter the difficulty; that yes we shall rally at national level with the Chipolopolo on the long road to Brazil;

“ That yes we shall work hand in hand with our coaches to continue the development programme which we have rolled out across the provinces to identify talent; that yes we shall strive for a sustainable future.”