– Lukuku launches own party

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Former opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy-MMD Lusaka Province Youth Secretary,  James Lukuku has launched his political party called the Republican Progressive Party (RPP).


Mr. Lukuku said it was because of the failure by the PF government to address the plight of the youth who are leaders of tomorrow that has made him to launch the RPP.


“ I therefore implore the youths in this country to be proactive and reposition themselves in the governance of the nation because the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) government cannot be trusted, “ he said,.


Mr. Lukuku said youths were are think tanks who have the reservoir of knowledge to govern Zambia in a right way because elderly people have allegedly failed to run this nation.


He said it is imperative that young people take over from the old people if development is to be achieved and accelerated.


Mr. Lukuku, who was flanked by his Vice President Mafuta Phiri and party Secretary General Danny Chungu said, young people are capable of running the affairs of Zambia because they have leadership skills.


The Former opposition MMD Lusaka Province Youth Secretary, has vowed not to apology to anyone as whatever he said in the past was correct attributing this to that he is exercising his alienable and democratic rights.

He claimed that the RPP will form government in 2016 and called for quick reorganization of his party to avoid any power vacuum.

He notes that his party is a force to reckon with that would give the ruling PF checks and balances.


And commenting on Nation Assembly Speaker Patrick Matibini’’s handling of the motion to lift former president Mr. Rupiah Banda’s immunity, Lukuku challenged the Dr. Matibini to resign on moral grounds before he is forced.

He condemned the manner in the Speaker handled the parliamentary session that necessitated the removal of Mr. Banda’s presidential immunity.

The RPP leader stressed that president Banda should have been left to enjoy his retirement after serving as a head of state.

Mr. Lukuku observed that the US Government and other international organizations on the globe highly rates Mr. Banda as a better Election Monitor/Mediator bestowed on him by the John Carter Foundation on Kenyan elections and yet the former president was being pulled down in Zambia.

that Mr. Banda is ‘clean’ and doubted whether he could steal from the national coffers as alleged by the PF Government to connect him to the U$D2.5 million Nigerian oil corruption deal.


He accused the PF Government of having run-down public institutions like the Drug Enforcement Commission and the Anti-Corruption Commission among others as well as taking Zambia backwards to what he termed as “One Party State’.

He also condemned President Michael Sata’s Government as being huge contrary to the 2011 election campaign promises of having a small cabinet.