Govt. commended for awarding its workers new salaries

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Govt. commended for awarding its workers new salaries

Monze,March 28th, 2013—ZAMBIA Congress of Trade Union in Monze District has commended Government for awarding public workers salary increment of up to 200 percent with lowest to be getting two thousand nine hundred kwacha rebased as the net.

ZANIS reports from in Monze District that area Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) District Secretary Rays Mwansa said this in an interview.

Mr. Mwansa said that Government had for the first time honored its promise to public workers.

He however challenged Government that the effective date of  1st September, 2013 was too far for public workers to wait as the collective agreement for the year 2012 expired on 28th February,2013.

Mr.Mwansa said that Government must consider backdating and pay workers in arrears in order public workers in the civil service.

He said that ZCTU in Monze was grateful that Government had harmonized salaries in the civil service as there were a lot of disparities from one ministry to another that demotivated public workers.

Government recently announced that it has awarded salaries for its public service workers with the lowest paid civil servant getting a minimum of KR2,900 after tax.

Salaries for public service workers have also been harmonised and graded according to, among other things, their professional qualifications..

Mr.Mwansa said that the introduction of personnel shift allowance for health workers was welcome moves by Government to encourage them work hard.

He however challenged health workers to ensure that their work culture is changed because going by percentages they had been awarded an additional 22 percent compared to other public workers interms of allowances.

Mr.Mwansa expressed concern that some health workers particularly nurses were fond of interrogating patients interviewing them to get information about their health status.

He said that in Monze District at certain clinics there had been serious concerns by community members over the manner in which some nurses had been handling patients.

Mr.Mwansa has since warned public workers in the civil service that as a union they will not tolerate such kind of work culture and will hesitate to ensure that Government takes action against any worker who may be found wanting.

He said that the union will in collaboration with Government to ensure public workers adhere to code of ethics in the civil service and implement Government policies accordingly.

Mr.Mwansa further warned those in senior management positions not to take advantage by victimizing workers under their supervision adding that they must ensure that procedure is followed whenever an officer is to be disciplined.