Kabanshi donates wheel bins to LCC

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Kabanshi donates wheel bins to LCC

Lusaka, Mar 27/13 ZANIS——–Minister of Local Government and Housing, Emerine Kabanshi, has donated 250 wheel bin containers to the Lusaka City council (LCC).

Speaking during the handover ceremony at the LCC Public Health and Pest Control depot, Ms Kabanshi said it is important to celebrate the hundred year’s centenary in a clean and healthy environment.

The minister said the city has continued to develop at a fast rate, hence the challenges in the management of waste, among them drainages, clean water, and housing.

She urged the city council to take the challenge of sensitising the public on the benefits of dumping garbage in bins which will be placed at designated areas.

Ms Kabanshi has since given councils country-wide three (3) months in which to make a deference on how they manage the waste.

And Lusaka Mayor, Daniel Chisenga, has thanked the minister for the gesture and urged the private sector to continue working in collaboration with the local authority.

Mr Chisenga said for the past three (3) years Lusaka has not recorded cholera outbreak which is a sign that the council has gotten back on its track.

He said it is important for the council and public to utilise the donated bins and to take care of them in order to keep Lusaka clean.

The Mayor has since called on the local government ministry to address the transport challenge the council is currently facing of having only four (4) trucks which are inadequate to enable it perform efficiently.

Meanwhile Lusaka City Council Public Relations Officer, Chanda Makanta, has urged the public to cooperate with the local authority by taking good use of the bins.

Ms Makanta said it is important for the public to participate by paying a small fee as it will help the council to operate smoothly.