Namwala farmers miss irrigation chances

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——–The Department of Water Affairs (DWA) in Namwala is concerned that most farmers are not taking advantage of the abundant water resources to improve food security through irrigation.

District Water Officer, Gift Mubambe, says the under-utilization of the irrigation potential in Namwala district is a matter of serious developmental concern.

Mr Mubabe says it is regrettable that the district, which has a huge expanse of water resources, can still be prone to food insecurity in times of poor rainfall pattern.

He told ZANIS in an interview in Namwala that there is need for all stakeholders in the water sector to redouble efforts in mobilizing communities towards adopting irrigation as a sustainable work of addressing food insecurity.

Mr Mubambe said cooperating partners and other organizations should join hands with government institutions in efforts aimed at ensuring that the irrigation potential is fully exploited for the benefit of the entire district.

He said the reasons for irrigation in addressing food insecurity are wide but stated that irrigation provides greater certainty with production than is possible with dry land farming.

The District Water Officer added that irrigation provides options for diversification or intensification while allowing farmers to grow more pasture and increase livestock production.