Government, ILO, IMF collaborate to create jobs

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The Ministry of Labour and Social Security, the Ministry of Finance, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have launched a programme on creating a policy package that will promote employment for inclusive growth in Zambia.


Minister of Labour and Social Security, Fackson Shamenda said this collaboration shows government’s commitment to creating decent and steady employment for all eligible Zambians.


Mr. Shamenda disclosed this in Geneva today when he met ILO Director General Guy Ryder.


He noted that the objective of the collaboration was to undertake joint analysis of strategies for encouraging job creation, growth and exploring the concept of developing and extending a minimum social protection floor for people living in poverty and in vulnerable conditions.


He said this would be within the context of a medium to long term framework to sustain macroeconomic policies and strategies for sustainable employment.

Mr. Shamenda further explained that the collaboration in the programme called “A new growth strategy for employment, decent work and development in Zambia” is aimed at encouraging efforts to promote and provide analytical input to national dialogue on employment creation and decent work.


He said an action plan has already been developed for this programme.


He has since commended ILO for the support during the initial stages of the programme and asked for continued assistance in the implementation of the same.


And ILO Director General Guy Ryder commended Zambia for the efforts she was making in creating employment through the programme.


Mr. Ryder noted that not many countries had managed to implement the programme and hoped that Zambia would succeed.


Mr. Shamenda is in Geneva to attend the 317th Session of the International Labour Organisation Governing Body (ILO-GB) and is accompanied by his Permanent Secretary Trevor Kaunda, Labour Commissioner, Cecilia Kamanga, Director for Planning in the Ministry of Labour, Peggy Mlewa and Director, Occupational Safety and Health Services Kamoma Chivunda.


The ILO – GB is the executive body of the ILO which meets three times in a year to take decisions on ILO policies and to decide the agenda of the International Labour Conference.


Zambia was elected as member of the ILO-GB in the Deputy-Substitute Category at the 97th International Labour Conference in June 2008. The country served in the substitute category for three years until June 2011 when she assumed the titular-regular membership for a further three years up to 2014.