‘TB most cause of HIV/AIDS patients’

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—-Kazungula District Commissioner Pascalina Musokotwane, says tuberculosis (TB) is the most frequent cause of death in people living with HIV and AIDS in Zambia.


Mrs Musokotwane said 60 to 70 per cent of TB patients are also infected with HIV and AIDS.


She, however, said anyone can get TB irrespective of one’s HIV status, adding that what is important to know is that even in the presence of HIV infection, tuberculosis can still be cured.


The District Commissioner said this when she graced this year’s International Tuberculosis day held in Mambova over the weekend.


Mrs Musokotwane noted that many poor people live in conditions that predispose them to develop tuberculosis citing overcrowding, poor nutrition, inadequate diet and inaccessibility of health services.


She said it is, therefore, important to seek early treatment when one realizes symptoms of TB namely cough of two to three weeks, unexplained loss of weight, coughing out blood as well as bad night sweats.


Mrs Musokotwane stressed the need for treating and curing TB at first attempt to prevent the spread of the disease.


She urged TB patients to adhere to treatment by completing the course even if they feel better during the first few months of treatment.


The District Commissioner disclosed that Kazungula Community District Medical Office has trained TB treatment supporters who work as volunteers to provide support to TB patients.


Earlier, District Medical Officer, Francis Hadunka, urged community members to go for TB screening, saying all are affected in one way or the other.


Dr Hadunka mentioned that currently, the district has major challenges of lacking important infrastructures such as hospitals and road networks in mitigating the TB control measures.


The International TB Day commemoration, which comes annually on March 24, was last and this year held under the theme, “stop TB in my lifetime.”