Zambia Bureau of Standards warns consumers over uncertified goods

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The Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has called on consumers to be wary of products that do not carry the quality mark certification log.

ZABS Public Relations officer Lee Hamuunji said the market has been saturated with products not bearing the ZABS quality mark certification log hence posing a threat to unsuspecting consumers.

Mr Hamunnji explained that products bearing the quality mark are safe for consumption as they are  certified by ZABS.

He told Zambian News and Information Services (ZANIS) in an interview that ZABS is phasing out the old quality mark log with a new one that will be more visible to the consumers.

He stated that ZABS  has since embarked on an awareness programme aimed at sensitizing the general public on the new quality mark certification product log.

Mr Hamunnji appealed to consumers to be on the look out for the new quality mark log on products .

Meanwhile, Mr Hamunnji has urged manufactures to ensure that their products are certified by ZABS.

He said manufacturing industries should take advantage of the quality mark and use it as a marketing edge.

Mr Hamunnji stressed that products carrying the quality mark log stand a greater chance of penetrating the international market as they would have been certified by ZABS.