Nambian envoy counsels Zambians

Namibian High Commissioner

Namibian High Commissioner to Zambia Salomon Witbooi has urged Zambians to support efforts government is making to develop the country.


Mr. Witbooi stated that meaningful development can only be attained in the country if citizens take part in projects that government has embarked on.


The Namibian High Commissioner said in an interview with ZANIS that it is imperative that the people support government’s programmes for the betterment of the entire citizenry.


He said nations that have developed are those whose citizens have participated fully in government programmes and projects meant to uplift people’s living standards.


Mr. Witbooi said it does not augur well for citizens to sabotage government programmes for the sake of political expediency saying there is need for people in the country to work together for the good of the nation.


Meanwhile, Mr. Witbooi has called for the operationalization of bilateral agreements that have being entered into by Zambia and Namibia in order to enhance cooperation between the two countries.


Zambia and Namibia recently signed the joint commission of cooperation in areas including  youth and sport, and exchange of prisoners among others.


He said the implementation of these agreements will be beneficial to both the people of Zambia and Namibia.


The Namibian High Commissioner also bemoaned the low trade currently taking place between Zambia and Namibia.


Mr. Witbooi however acknowledged that cross border trade between the two countries was on the increase.


He said the cordial relations that have existed between Zambia and Namibia need to be enhanced.