Government works to improve welfare of citizens

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Government works to improve welfare of citizens

Kabwe, March 23, ZANIS ——– Chibombo District Commissioner Felix Mang’wato says government attaches great importance to the well-being of its citizens hence the designing of appropriate health care services in conjunction with cooperating partners.

Mr Mang’wato said this when he officiated at the World Water Day in Katuba constituency in Chibombo district yesterday under the theme ‘International Year of water co operations’.

He noted that the theme recognizes that cooperation is essential to strike a balance between the different minds and priorities that will help to share this precious resource equitably using water as an instrument of peace.

Mr Mang’wato said government is pleased to partner with organizations such as Centre for Livelihood and Watershed Management (CLEWM) in the provision of access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities by sinking boreholes, constructing of Latrines, and training of pump

CLEWM, a non-governmental organization is working among communities in Katuba constituency of Chibombo district where it is carrying out a ‘Health water and good Sanitation project.

Mr Mang’wato said by providing such a service to the community, the organization is helping people in gaining the essential human right of having access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation which helps to reduce on the spread of the deadly preventable diseases like cholera and dysentery.

He added that government alone cannot manage to meet all the challenges of providing the essential resource of water to all its citizenry without the collaborating efforts of stakeholders like CLEWM to help out on what could work best and how to sustain the programs in the long run.

He further said that in ensuring that everyone enjoys the right to sustainable safe water, toilets and education, the program will yield dividends in the fight to eliminate poverty.

Speaking at the same function CLEWM Director Kotati Nonde said his organization has so far sunk six boreholes and constructed 20 toilets in each community with the participation of the beneficiaries.

He said the organization also trains the community on pump mending, sensitize them on health and hygiene, adding that 32 people have so far been trained on how to mend the pumps when they develop a fault.

Mr Nonde noted that the efforts of the organization are already bearing fruits because people are accessing clean and safe water.

He said CLEWM is sponsored by an Irish donor organization COARTA and works in conjunction with Chibombo district authority.

And Mungule Ward Councillor Jailos Zulu appealed to Katuba constituency community to safeguard jealously the water project which is saving their lives and give respect the organization which is helping to alleviate lives of people in the area.

CLEWM works with rural communities offering a various services among them drilling water, construction of toilets, tree planting, pump mending, and provision of health hygiene education.