Luo calls for preservation of culture

CHIEFS and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo

Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Professor Nkandu Luo has challenged Mbala residents and chiefs to take keen interest in preserving national cultural heritage.


Professor Luo who was in Mbala to officially open a new exhibition extension at Moto Moto Museum said cultural heritage is an important aspect in human life as it depicts and identifies people’s origins.


She said the Patriotic Front (PF) government through its decentralization policy aims at ensuring that people appreciate the role that tradition plays in the economic development of the country.


Professor Luo observed that a country that does not celebrate culture is a lost country.


She said the PF government wants to provide a platform for researchers, historians and local people where they can go and learn about the value and importance of national heritage.


The minister noted that northern province is one of the areas in Zambia with the richest culture and historical endorsements.


She said the Museum should be placed at the centre stage for it to provide meaningful national development.


Prof Luo has further challlenged the Zambia Nationa Museums Board to construct an arti-fact market which will showcase various works made the local people.


Meanwhile, Moto Moto Museum Director Victoria Chitungu said the museum holds about 15, 000 artifacts despite operating under various challenges.


Ms Chitungu said the museum is putting in place measures and programmes of integrating the local community in its quest to ensure that people treasure and preserve the heritage and culture endorsed within their community.


She observed that the locality of the museum itself provides the local people with easy access to information and understanding of their culture.