RB stays away from GJIT

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Former  Republican President Rupiah Banda failed to appear before the Government Joint Investigation Team (GJIT) at the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) for investigations, today.

Mr. Banda was expected to appear at 09 :00 hours for continued questioning on suspected corrupt activities allegedly committed when he was Head of State.

However, at the scheduled time, neither Mr. Banda nor his lawyers were available at the DEC offices today for investigations.

The cadres were also not present at the premises to give solidarity to the former head of state as they do all the time he appears before GJIT.

Parliament recently removed former President Rupiah Banda’s immunity from prosecution because of alleged corrupt activities and misappropriation of public funds during the time he served as Head of State.

Meanwhile, GJIT Spokes person Namukolo Kasumpa told Journalist shortly after in press briefing that Mr. Banda would not appear before GJIT today.

Ms. Kasumpa further explained that one of Mr. Banda’s lawyers Prof Patrick Mvunga had a commitment adding that it was not possible for him to show up at the DEC offices.

Asked about what type of commitment that has kept Prof Mvunga from showing up DEC, Ms Kasumpa said that Prof Mvunga would be in court today.

“We have just been informed that Prof Mvunga would be in court am not sure about Sakwiba but I have been told that Prof Mvunga is in court today, thank you very much’’, Ms Kasumpa said.

The investigations against Mr. Banda have postponed to next week Monday at 09 hours at DEC offices.