Proflight slashes fares ahead of UNWTO

UNWTO Platform to market Zambia

Proflight Zambia has unveiled an unprecedented reduction on its flight fares in a move designed to provide more affordable air travel ahead of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly (UNWTO).


The UNWTO will be co-hosted by Zambia and Zimbabwe in August this year.


Proflight Director of Government and Industry Affairs Captain Philip Lemba said the new package of fares is also aimed at encouraging passengers to plan ahead and book their flights earlier.


Capt. Lemba stated in a statement made available to ZANIS that the development has been made possible by Proflight’s impending move to introduce a 108-seater Boeing 737 aircraft that he said will reduce the airline’s operating costs on its trunk routes to Ndola and Livingstone.


He said passengers who book more than 14 days in advance can now fly from Lusaka to Ndola or Livingstone for just KR250, with similar savings across the board on Proflight’s other routes that include Chipata, Mansa, Kasama, Lower Zambezi and Solwezi.


He further stated that one-way fares from Lusaka to Chipata will be KR700, to Kasama KR1, 025, while Lusaka to Mansa has being pegged at KR855 to.


Fares from Kasama to Ndola will be KR650, KR555 from Ndola to Mansa, KR1, 025 from Ndola to Kasama via Lusaka, KR855 from Mansa to Ndola via Lusaka, KR630 from Ndola to Livingstone via Lusaka, KR670 from Ndola to Lower Zambezi via Lusaka, and KR720 from Solwezi to Livingstone via Lusaka.


He stated that fares include all charges except for the National Airport Corporation Limited (NACL) taxes which range from between K58 and K65 per flight.


Capt. Lemba said that with the reduced fares, Proflight can now offer travelers a journey that competes favourably with road travel on both time and price with flight times of close to an hour on most routes.


“We have listened to the concerns of passengers and regulators about the cost of airfares, and now, thanks to the introduction of the 737 aircraft, we are able to respond to those concerns and reduce costs,” explained Capt. Lemba.


Capt. Lemba has since urged people to support their local airline and ensure the carrier becomes a standard-bearer that the nation can be proud of.


Proflight Zambia’s decision to reduce fares comes in the wake of its plan to introduce a 108-seat Boeing 737 to its fleet, dramatically reducing the per-seat operating costs of its flights.


Capt. Lemba believes that with the airlines new aircraft it will be able to comfortably service the demands of the UNWTO event without the need for the country to bring in additional oversees carriers.


He cautioned that the Zambian domestic market is still very small, at around 110,000 passengers per year, compared with other countries such as Kenyan which has a domestic market of around 3 million passengers.


Capt. Lemba stated that Proflight’s current fleet of 29-seat and 18-seat turbo prop aircraft will still need to service most destinations adding that fares on these flights will not be reduced.