Christians called upon to pray for peace

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—A clergyman in Kasama has appealed to the Christian community in the area to pray for peace in the nation.

Kasama Catholic Diocese Arch Bishop, Ignatius Chama, made the appeal during the Charisma mass service held at St. John’s Cathedral in Kasama yesterday.

Arch Bishop Chama also urged Christians to pray for the clergy in Zambia so that they can continue to save the Christian community.

He said even the clergy needs prayers from the Christians for them to be strong in their calling.

The Arch Bishop also urged the clergy in the archdiocese to be committed to their calling.

He said priests are called to serve people even in difficult situations, hence the need for them to be strong.

And Christians in Kasama described the day as an important day on the Catholic calendar.

They said Charisma mass was celebrated in order to anoint oil in the view of all Christians.

Several Priests from Kasama Arch Diocese and parishioners gathered at St John’s Cathedral in Kasama to attend the Charisma mass.