Court gives Dandy krazy suspended sentence

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Renowned artist Wesley Chibamba commonly known as Dandy Crazy has been found guilty of trafficking in cannabis and has been slapped with a
one year suspended sentence.
Chibamba has also been ordered to pay KR 500 as bail for using unlawful property by the Luanshya Magistrates Court.
This is in a case in which Chibamba was accused of trafficking in 14 grams of cannabis which was found canceled in the pocket of his trousers and in a compartment of his unregistered motor Vehicle.
In the First count Chibamba was given a one year suspended sentence while in the second count Chibamba was given bail amounting to KR 500 and was asked to present one working surety in his own cognizance.
In litigation, Chibamba’s lawyer said his client was a first offender and that he was a parent who was looking after five street kids and also owns a production house.
And in passing judgment magistrate Banda said it was true that Chibamba was a first offender but he could not go unpunished.