Opposition urged to desist from political violence

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Opposition urged to desist from political violence


Ndola, March21, 2013, ZANIS — Kapiri Mposhi Patriotic Front aspiring Member of Parliament Brian NKolola has urged opposition political parties to desist from political violence during by elections and concentrate on campaigns that will bring development to this country.


Mr NKolola says opposition parties should not spend time planning on pre and post  by- elections  violence as was the case in the recent Livingstone by elections.


He said the parties should should hold round table dialogues with their cadres and plan on how they can contribute to the development of this country.


“I urge all opposition parties to desist from causing violence and confusion before and during elections as this will only result in the loss of innocent lives like what transpired in Livingstone,” he said.


He also called on the electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ) to refrain from distorting information before they give it out to the public.


Mr Konlola said ECZ is there to ensure that there are free and fair elections and that people get actual results after casting their vote for the candidate of their choice.


The prospective candidate who is the youngest applicant for the Kapiri Mposhi Parliamentary by elections has further appealed to the youth’s country wide to vote for youthful candidates during by elections.


“I am appealing to all the youth’s country wide not only those in Kapiri Mposhi to learn from the previous government of MMD that left them unattended after voting for them as they could not understand what they needed and now the youths have to start from the scratch”, he said.


He said youths must learn from Uganda that set an example by electing a youth as a Member of Parliament.