Now Wild dogs noted on Kilwa Island

 Marauding Wild Dogs have been spotted in Kilwa Island on Lake Mweru which has caused fear and apprehension in the area.

And  Chief Nshimba of the Shila People of the Island has bemoaned the population boom of stray dogs might result in the loss of human life and domestic animals in the area.

Chief Nshimba says there is need for the Authorities to move in and control the dog population, which he says has become a menace.

The Chief says there has been an upswing in reported cases of dog bites on humans and attacks on wildlife by the stray dogs.

He said if possible, there is need to rid the area of all dogs because they serve no purpose because there are neither criminals nor edible wild animals to hunt on the island.

The Traditional leader has explained that owners who relocate to the main land have left most of the stray dogs on the Island.

The beasts were also seen on mainland district of Nchelenge were both government authorities and the community at large are concerned about the dangerous animals.

An outbreak of Rabies has broken out in Nchelenge District of Luapula Province.

About Six people have so far have been bitten by suspected Rabid Dogs.

Nchelenge District Agricultural Coordinator (DACO), Davis Mwansasu confirmed the development during an Epidemic Preparedness Committee Meeting held yesterday at the Office of the District Commissioner.

He said Dog samples from Nchelenge that were sent to the Central Research Station in Lusaka have tested positive for Rabies.

Mr. Mwansasu said all the six people who were bitten by the suspected Rabid Dogs have been treated.

He said the Veterinary Department has since embarked on a massive vaccination campaign of dogs in the District and has so far vaccinated 448 dogs out of an estimated population of 800 dogs.

Mr. Mwansasu said there is need to carry massive sensitization campaigns on the Dangers of the Disease and the measures that need to be taken to avoid spread of the disease.

The DACO has called on all Dog owners to ensure that their animals are vaccinated or risk authorities destroying them.

Meanwhile, One of the members of the Epidemic Preparedness Committee has bemoaned the shortage of human vaccines for Rabies in the District.

But Nchelenge District Medical Officer, Davies Mwewa has explained that the drugs are stored centrally at the Provincial Health Office.

He said the Provincial Health Office releases the drugs on order from the District, adding that there was need for all the concerned authorities to work efficiently if the drugs are to be ordered in time to save lives of patients.