—Catholic priest supports RB immunity removal

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Catholic priest supports RB  immunity removal

Namwala, March 20, 2013, ZANIS —-A Catholic Priest in Namwala district in the southern province says he supports the lifting of the immunity of former President Rupiah Banda but advises that the process should be fairly undertaken.

In an interview with ZANIS in Namwala today, Namwala Catholic Parish Priest Father Kennedy Sitemeki said that the idea is good but should be done in such a way that any former head of state whose immunity is lifted does not feel intimidated but instead face  justice fairly.

Father Sitemeki suggested that in future  a Commission of Inquiry should be instituted to look into the matters of  deeds of former Presidents after their immunity is removed so that they account for themselves while in office.

He said that former Presidents should be respected besides being accountable to what they did in office through a special Commission of Inquiry.

He said that such a commission would be good because former Presidents are respectable people who need to be treated a special way different from  any other ordinary person.

Father Sitemeki said that lifting of Presidents immunity should not be done to gain political mileage but for a good course of dispensing justice.

He added that any leader should be accountable for their deeds because they need to be responsible to the people they represent.


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