NOWSPAR to conduct a GBV baseline survey

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NOWSPAR to conduct a GBV  baseline survey
Lusaka , March 19th , 2013,  ZANIS–National Organisation for Women in Sport
(NOWSPAR) says it will next month conduct  a baseline survey on the
extent of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in various sports disciplines in
the country.

NOWSPAR Executive Director Matildah Mwaba disclosed that the baseline
survey will be carried out in five provinces namely Luapula, Northern,
Lusaka, Central and Southern Provinces.

ZANIS Sports reports that Mwaba also said this in an interview in Lusaka, today.

She said that the survey is among other issues aimed at providing a
baseline of the practices, perceptions and policies in the sports
sector regarding Gender Based Violence.

She added that the survey will also focus on how the national policies
on addressing GBV can be implemented in the sports sector and how they
can contribute to the broader goal of increasing access to the right
to sport and freedom from violence.

Mwaba explained that her organisation has instituted a credible task
force team mandated to ensure that it comes up with clear statistics
on the impact of GBV in sport.

She said it is worrying that the high GBV cases have continued to be
experienced in sports especially among the women.

Mwaba said her organization will remain committed to ensure it fully addressed
the impact of GBV in sport.

Meanwhile, Mwaba has disclosed that her association has lined up a
number of workshops with different sports organisations in the country
aimed at tackling all vices that hinder the full participation of
women in various sports disciplines.

She further said her association will remain committed to ensure that
the United Nations (UN) international women day theme “A Promise is A
Promise: End Violence against Women” is fully implemented in all
sports disciplines in the country.

Mwaba also called for more women participation in various sports
leadership positions in order to create a positive attitude towards
the women and girl’s participation in sport.

NOWSPAR is a membership organisation of Zambian women and men who
believe that sport, physical activity and recreation have the power to
foster social change and increase an individual’s quality of life.

It advocates, educates, and increases participation of women and girls in