-ZANAYAD members abuse association

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– The Zambia National Association for Youth in Agriculture Development (ZANAYAD) has expressed concern over the conduct of some members that obtained business from the Food Reserve Agency – FRA using its certificate of registration for personal gain.

Some concerned board members who spoke on condition of anonymity told ZANIS in Kalomo that it was unfortunate that a few individuals decided to use the name of the entity and acquired contracts without the blessings of other members thereby abrogating the constitution of the organization.

The board members were reacting to an under-grade maize deal which they said individuals were awarded to purchase the commodity from the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) satellite depots in Kalomo and was sold off by the same individuals without remitting money in the association’s account.

The named members allegedly solicited and were granted to purchase 4000 metric tonnes of under-grade maize from FRA in May last year without the knowledge of the association and later re-sold the commodity for their personal financial gain.

Investigations carried out have indicated that the named individuals while using the ZANAYAD certificate have already hauled the commodity from two satellite depots in the district after being issued with loading orders under the association’s name.

Meanwhile, an interim board has since been instituted to pave way for thorough investigations over the matter.

Meanwhile, acting president of the association has described the incident as unfortunate adding that the illegal transaction has tarnished the image of the association as  most of the members have turned against the leadership for bringing the name of the association into disrepute.

The main objective of  ZANAYAD is job creation with an ambition to recruit over 15 ,000 youths country-wide especially in the agriculture sector.