Kabompo District to spearhead keep Zambia clean in the area

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Kabompo District to spearhead keep Zambia clean in the area

Kabompo, March 19, 2013, ZANIS…. Kabompo district has resolved to rekindle the Keep Zambia clean campaign in the district in an effort to maintain the cleanliness of the town.   

The resolution was made during an ordinary district council meeting held at the council chamber.

Kabompo central ward councilor Janet Kaputula proposed the motion that the Keep Zambia clean campaign be effected in townships so that cleanliness is maintained.  

The Council Chairperson Shadreck Sambangu has  directed that the  Keep Zambia Clean truck should be going round in strategic areas every Friday to collect garbage and disposing off at the designated dump site.

The councilors said the environmental situation in the area was saddening because garbage collection in townships has not been done for several months causing filthy surroundings.  

They said that the waste areas are the Musamba main market, Kabompo district hospital and the mother’s shelter premises where stray dogs and pigs are scavenging on the garbage.

The Keep Zambia clean campaign was launched by the late third Republican President  Levy Mwanawasa administration and  K200 million ( now KR 200, 000 ) was injected.

The PF government has adopted the campaign.

The programme was aimed at ensuring that  most if not all public and private institutions and their surroundings were kept clean.