Dead body exhumed in Senanga

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Dead body exhumed in Senanga

Senanga, March 19,  2013, ZANIS — Unknown people in Senanga have exhumed and burnt beyond recognition an unidentified body.

The body which was found in a thicket near the Council grave yard was found by some unsuspecting members of the general public as they answering the call of nature and later alerted police.

Senanga district commissioner Yumei Mihupulo and police officers from Senanga Police Station this morning visited the scene.

A check at the scene by ZANIS found a skull and a few bones while the coffin has been burnt with only metal handles and some nails remaining to show for what was once a coffin.

Police suspect some body parts were taken away as the lower jaw was missing and the front teeth were removed from the upper jaw.

And Mr. Mihupulo has called on people in the district to respect the dead.

He said it is very unfortunate that graves have now become targets by evil people who in some cases carry out their ritual activities at grave sites.

Mr. Mihupulo said the law will not spare any one will be caught ransacking graves.

By press time police were still trying to establish the identity of the body from the small pieces of clothes that survived the fire as it is not clear which grave the body was exhumed from because no grave appeared to have been interfered with.