Peoples ego are so low – Dora Siliya

Dora Siliya

MOVEMENT for Multi party Democracy spokesperson Dora Siliya says some
Journalists are trying to divert the Attention of the Zambian people .
Siliya who refused to take questions from journalists outside DEC
offices today said Zambian people do not want institutions of democracy
like Parliament to be Abused and that they are very clear
“Zambian people are concerned about the export of Maize when there are
provinces like Eastern and western province where people are having
mealie meal shortages,they are concerned when this country donates to
other countries like the kr5 million that was donated to Malawi,”Siliya
She said Government will not build the 600 clinics that the MMD planned
for because there is no money and alleged that w the government has
spent money on unnecessary by-elections.

“Just like there will be Unnecessary payment on the removal of the
former President Rupiah Banda’s immunity without clear grounds,the
government should focus on more developmental issues than lifting
someone’s immunity,”Siliya said
She however urged journalists to be part of national building and not
being biased in their reports.