Anti Corruption Commission were fishing – Sikota

Sakwiba Sikota

FORMER President Rupiah Banda’s Lawyer Sakwiba Sikota says the Anti
Corruption Commission were fishing.
Speaking after appearing before the ACC at the Drug enforcement
commission offices yesterday Sikota said it was a fishing expedition
because the ACC were trying to fish anything they can.
“We’ll come back fishing on Friday that’s when the fishing season is
ending,they are trying to fish anything they can find,”Sikota said.
Sikota said it was surprising to him that the Minister of Justice said
they had finished their investigations which he felt they haven’t ,
“They haven’t completed their investigations as the Minister of Justice
Wynter Kabimba said because we wouldn’t have been there for so long if
they had finished the investigations like they claim,” He said.
He said the people behind lifting Banda’s immunity are still fishing
around for information,
” We were in there helping them otherwise they are still fishing
they’re frustrating us because they said they had completed
investigations, but it clearly shows the investigations were not
done,they are still trying to find evidence to fit the crime,because
they are going about things in the opposite way,” Sikota said.
He further charged that they didn’t have facts they’re trying to get
facts from his client and he said it will be a long affair because they
had nothing and there is nothing to find.
” it will be a long Affair,because these people have set their minds to
set something to charge, we find this case being modified by people who
want the former president prosecuted not because there’s is facts it is
really frustrating us,” he said
“People have ill motives because you can’t go on to harass somebody
like they are doing when they do not actually have basis to the case,”
he said
Sikota said Banda is going through suffering for the Zambians
Meanwhile Anti Corruption Commission Spokesperson Namukolo Kasumpo
Says Rupiah Banda has been warned and cautioned over various issues
including the Mpundu trust,
“Former president has been warned and cautioned ove The Nigerian oil
issue,Campaign materials and the Mpundu trust and he’ll be back for
further questioning on Friday,” Kasumpo said.