–Chief Sikoongo removed from the throne

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-Chief Sikoongo of the Tonga speaking people in Chirundu district has been removed from the throne after illegally serving for 17 years.

Sources told ZANIS in an interview in Siavonga today the chief received a letter from the House of Chiefs on the 4th of March requesting him to step down because he was not a member of the royal family of Sikoongo.

And Sunford Namayola who is one of the candidates from Namayoa family tree aspiring for the throne and claims to be a member of Sikoongo chieftainship complained that he was not happy with the way the issue of electing a new chief was being handled.

He claimed that he was denied the opportunity to tell the history about Chief Sikoongo’s kingdom to the committee assigned to monitor the election of the new chief.

Namayola further claimed that the committee was in favour of two candidates who are brothers and have  since been picked from the four aspiring candidates for the final election to chosenwhich family should take the throne during elections to be held tomorrow.

He said that last week on Friday when they had a meeting for the first election  him and Hachingala were eliminated to go for the second election because they did not qualify to be chiefs according to the information they had presented.

Namayola said Chief Sikoongo has accepted to step down adding that the manner in which he took the throne was wrong because he was not in the Sikoongo Family tree.