Zambia Scouts working to regain relevance in society

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——————-The Zambia Scouts
Association is working towards ensuring that the association regains
its relevant position in society.

Consequently, the association held its Central Province Stakeholders meeting at Misuku Lodge in Kabwe.

Central Province Minister, Phillip Kosamu was pleased to see
the efforts being made by Zambia Scouts Association (ZSA) in their
quest to regain the organisation’s relevance in society.

Mr. Kosamu said this in a speech read for him by Central Province
Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ronald Sinyangwe at the meeting.

The largest youth movement in the world is present in over 200 countries and territories and has over 33 million members.


“It is pleasing to observe that the Zambia Scouts Association
is ready to reposition itself so as to be relevant in their respective
communities.” Mr Kosamu said.

Meanwhile, Zambia Scouts Association ZSA National
Board Secretary, Paul Chaikatisha said the association is ready to
work with the government of the day to help alleviate challenges
being faced by youths in the country.

Mr Chaikatisha observed that challenges facing youths in the country cannot be resolved over-night by any one individual, NGO or the government alone but that these challenges need a holistic approach.

“If we have to get meaningful results then each one of us needs to
play our part in alleviating the problems facing the youths, ” he said


  1. ba GS(mr Chaikatisha) please muchikatishe by taking it to the rural communities were there is real sufering by the youths. want to see in the westrn province and limulunga district in particular.

  2. The only way the scout association and other associations would be of relavancy in Zambia is to work with the people on the gound especially in the outscates where the majority underpriviledged are, and i urge the ministerof youth to see to it these associations draw up programes that will promote youths participation in the majority youths in the rural areas.