Research and Education Network launched

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–Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education Permanent Secretary David Ndopu says the development of any nation is guaranteed through continuous and relentless education, training and research opportunities.


Mr. Ndopu said the Patriotic Front-PF government has since priotised higher education because it is keen to see growth in the education sector which will in turn translate into national development.


Speaking last evening when he graced the launch of Zambia Research and Education Network (ZAMREN) in Lusaka at the government complex Mr. Ndopu said because of the high demand in Information Communication Technologies (ICT) government has embarked on capacity building aimed at reinforcing learning with ICT machinery to enable teachers and students have quick access to research and information.


He said the Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education holds the principle of ensuring that every individual has equal rights to education opportunities as demonstrated in the Vision2030 policy on ICT.


He said the creation of ZAMREN is a welcome move by all stakeholders involved in ensuring that an enabling environment is created for both learners and researchers across the country.


He noted that ICTs have the potential to improve the current low pass rates through its special tools that help teach science and mathematics.


Mr. Ndopu observed that through ZAMREN network, education and research institutions will be able to collaborate and share education and research resources across the country.


And ZAMREN Board Chairperson Professor Stephen Mukanga said the creation of ZAMREN is aimed at creating a collaborative learning environment for pupils and researchers across the country.


Professor Mukanga said the lunch of ZAMREN is a milestone towards an ICT enabled research and education framework in Zambia.


He further indicated that ZAMREN has since connected about ten learning institutions in Zambia with fast fairer internet connectivity.