Solwezi has vast potential for dairy industry-CEEC

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——–The Citizen Economic Empowerment
Commission (CEEC) says Solwezi district has huge potential to run a
viable localized dairy industry for production and processing.


CEEC Director for Empowerment Charles Mungule said in Solwezi during a
stakeholders meeting that this is due to the district having vast pasture land.

Mr Mungule said the commission is ready to provide capital
support to local dairy initiatives in the district as long as they
are within the dairy value chain.

He said the environment in the district is conducive and resources are available for the establishment of a local dairy industry which once operational should be able to scale up economic activities and create job opportunities for rural communities.

He stated that the development of a dairy industry in Solwezi will be
part of the industrial cluster in the province together with a
pineapple industry in Ikelenge district and honey production in
Kabompo district.

Mr Mungule said CEEC will provide project capital funding amounting to
Kr 3 million to each industrial cluster per year.

Mr Mungule explained that the dairy initiatives in the district are
aimed at empowering micro entrepreneurs in the dairy industry so that
they will be able to participate in the industry.

He noted that beneficiaries of CEEC funds should consider going into
value addition initiatives so that they can maximize on the profits
and create wealth for themselves.

He also urged dairy farmers to submit proposals to the commission that
are competitive and viable if they are to benefit from the funds.

He said the commission intents to establish the industrial clusters by
2016 in five districts in the country.