People celebrate Evans victory in Livingstone

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—-Celebrations are being held in the tourist capital, Livingstone, to celebrate the election of Patriotic Front’s (PF) Lawrence Evans as Livingstone Central Member of Parliament.

Supporters of Mr Evans can be heard hooting their cars in support of him in the streets of Livingstone.

In an Interview with ZANIS in Livingstone today, Peter Wamuwi said the peace experienced during the just-ended by elections should be upheld instead of the violence that led to the death of a cadre and consequent postponement of the elections

Mr Wamuwi noted that now that the people have chosen whom they want to represent them in Parliament it is up to the elected MP to keep and work on the promises he made to the people of Livingstone.

He also noted that since the incoming MP is from the ruling party, people have high expectations, especially in terms of development.

And in another interview, Sarah Kintu said Zambia is a peaceful country and must maintain the peace which some other countries in Africa do not have.

Ms Kintu said now the elections are over, it is time to work and improve the living standings of the people of Livingstone.

Meanwhile, the PF has held a musical concert to celebrate the victory of Lawrence Evans and the peace that prevailed during and after the elections.

Several musicians, such P2K, Indy K and many others are performing to the entertainment of local residents of Livingstone.

The ruling PF won the Livingstone Central by election yesterday.

According to final results released shortly, PF candidate, Lawrence Evans, polled 10,233 with UPND’s Regina Musokotwane in distant second with 8, 198 votes.

MMD’s Fred Siasuntwe received 2,034 while Greenwell Mwanangombe of UNIP was last with 179 votes.