–New Kalabo health centers in-communicado

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— Eight newly constructed health facilities in Kalabo district in the western province have not yet been provided with radio communication equipment .

The health facilities which are already open to the public are also not connected to Kalabo district  hospital  by radio posing a communication challenge in case of emergencies.

Kalabo district medical officer  Dr. Arthur Mutuna disclosed this in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services in Kalabo today.

Dr. Mutuna said that his members of staff in the eight health facilities were having a challenge of communicating to the district health office and Hospital in case of emergencies due to lack of radio communication equipment .

Dr. Mutuna said that in case of emergencies his officers in the seven newly opened health facilities in Kalabo were forced to walk distances to some areas where they could access network and communicate on their mobile phones .

He at Siluwe Health Post his officers were lucky because they were using the Siluwe Primary School radio for communicating to the district Hospital.

Dr. Mutuna named the eight health facilities that were newly opened in Kalabo and lacking radios as Liumena, Sishekanu , Siluwe, and Situlu rural health centers.

Others are  Mwenyi, Lutwi, Luola and Mutaa health Posts adding that all the health facilities were opened between August and December last year in 2012.

He also named Winela and Salunda rural health centres as health facilities expected to be opened this year after completion of construction works and the handing over of the facilities by the Council to the Ministry of Health.

The projects built using constituency development funds.

Dr. Mutuna appealed to the government to provide the eight newly opened health facilities in Kalabo with radio communication equipment as soon as possible to ease communication with the district health office and the district hospital in case of emergencies.