Female Serenje teacher bitten by snake

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Female Serenje teacher bitten by snake

Serenje, March, 15, 2013,  ZANIS — A female teacher of Nakasala primary school in Serenje district is admitted to Serenje hospital after being bitten by a snake at her house.

Yvonne Malama said she saw something like a dry stick lying on floor in her bed room and when she tried to pick it up it bite her right leg.

She narrated the ordeal to ZANIS from her bed in Serenje district hospital today.

Mrs Malama all this happened at 01:00 hours.

She was immediately rushed to the hospital by the head teacher and neighbours.

And Serenje District Medical Officer Ozima Chilwa said the teacher is out of danger and  rushing her to the hospital helped the situation because the snake which bit her is venomous.

Dr Chilwa advised local people to always seek medical attention whenever they are bitten by a snake.