ZANACO women form forum

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Women in the banking sectors have expressed happiness that government was making progress in meeting the 50 per cent female representation in decision making positions as required by the SADC protocol.

Bank of Zambia employee Penelope Mapoma said women representation in decision making positions was encouraging but noted that the progress for women empowerment was still very slow.

Ms. Mapoma said this during the launch of the Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZANACO) Women’s Leadership Forum in Lusaka today.

She was delighted that women in ZANACO have taken an initiative to form a women’s group but urged them to be committed to the forum so that it could achieve its objectives.

Ms. Mapoma thanked the Managing Director of ZANACO Martyn Schouten and observed that very few Chief Executive Officers in organisations can support such initiative.

She said being of a particular gender should not be a hindrance for women to progress in decision making positions.

Ms. Mapoma said issues of equity among women and men in work place have continued to be a source of concern over the world including Zambia.

And ZANACO Managing Director Martyn Schouten has bemoaned the low rate of women representation in key decision making position in his bank.

Mr. Schouten said it was sad that ZANACO bank does not have 50 per cent positions filled by the women across the board.

He said women make up over 50 percent of society and this should reflect in ZANACO bank.

Mr. Schouten challenged women in ZANACO to speak out on matters affecting them as women.

And ZANACO chairperson of the Women’s Leadership Forum Suzyo Ng’andu said having a women’s group within the bank will assist in breaking barriers that exist between men and women in the bank.

Ms. Ng’andu said the women’s group will aim at empowering women for leadership positions within the bank.

She said if women have the capacity to excel to greater heights if given an opportunity to fully apply themselves.

She said ZANACO should put in place measures that will help the women to achieve their career objectives.