Nakonde district to record bumper harvest

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–Nakonde District Commissioner James Singoyi says the district is hopeful of a bumper harvest despite being attacked by army worm attack.


Mr. Singoyi told ZANIS in an interview that the district this year has been blessed with good amounts of rainfall which has given hope of a good harvest to farmers.


He said although farmers had challenges in receiving farming inputs, they managed to do the best they could for themselves as they patiently waited to receive the farming inputs.


The District Commissioner explained that at the time the army worms attacked most of the farmers in the country, Nakonde district maize growers were privileged and spared as the army worms ended up attacking rice growers.


Mr. Singoyi suggested that government should in the next farming season consider engaging a new contractor to distribute farming inputs as the current distributors have proved to be failing the famers in the country.


He said late delivery of inputs to farmers should be a thing of the past as it does not only disturb the farmer but the total production of the staple food.

Meanwhile Mr. Singoyi has called on government to consider upgrading infrastructure in the district as the district is undergoing unprecedented growth.


He noted that despite Nakonde being a border town the town has limited banking facilities to attract large investment in the area.


He said the limited banking facilities as negatively affected business in the area forcing investors to move into other towns for investment security.