MMD to seek Legal action against Namugala faction

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-Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) Communications Director Muhabi Lungu says the former ruling party will soon seek further legal action to enforce the court ruling to stop the Catherine Namugala lead faction from masquerading as MMD members.


Mr. Lungu told ZANIS in a telephone interview in Lusaka today that the party will further take other legal actions and ensure that people destabilising the MMD are stopped from doing so.


He said the MMD is aware that despite Ms. Namugala leading the faction, she has already joined the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

He said Ms. Namugala should come out in the open and tell the people which party she belongs too adding that she is no longer a member of the MMD as she was earlier expelled from the party.


Mr. Lungu has since urged Ms. Namugala to stop creating unnecessary debates and statements in public adding that whatever she does will not profit the MMD in anyway.


He said the Zambia police should have stopped the masquerading youths from participating in the youth day celebrations adding that they were coming from a party that is not registered.


He said there is only one MMD and that the party had indicated earlier that it would not take part in the celebrations and communicated its reasons.


According to a press statement made available to ZANIS by MMD National youth Secretary Tobias Kafumukache, the MMD indicated that they were unable to participate because of the previous fracases that have occurred between their party and the Zambia police.


Mr. Kafumukache stated in his statement that to prevent any loss of life and violence, the MMD thought it was wise to stay away to maintain peace.