Masebo calls for the promotion of culture

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———— Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo has said there is s need to seriously promote cultural and arts to create employment in the country.


During a United Nations World Tourism General Assembly (UNWTO) Artists
auditioning yesterday, Ms Masebo said government alone cannot create
employment adding that the arts industry if well nurtured has the
potential to create jobs in the country.

Ms Masebo noted that government would continue to support and provide
a conducive environment for artists to develop and be able to compete
at international level.

“It is not only government alone that can create employment. As
artists you also have the potential to create jobs,” said Ms Masebo.

Ms Masebo also called for the promotion and marketing of Zambian
traditional foods and other products outside the country before the

The Minister stressed that it was important for visitors to the event
to sample Zambian traditional food.

“It is sad that over the years we Zambians have lost touch of
traditional foods and all we think is that western food is better than
ours yet that is not the case. So during the UNWTO we want to see
Zambians providing traditional food to our visitors,” Ms Masebo said.

And Ms Masebo says there was need to actively involve everyone to
participate in the event in different ways so that the event becomes a

She directed the cultural department to intensify efforts aimed at
taping different artistic talents to ensure that all Livingstone
residents participate in one way or the other in the event.

At the same function National Arts Director Victor Makashi has
implored artists to desist from engaging themselves in illicit
activities like drugs that negatively affects their careers.

He also implored artists to sharpen their talents to provide memorable
entertainment to delegates to UNWTO.