Find other areas of investment not mining only, Sata tells envoys

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President Michael Sata has called on foreign diplomats accredited to Zambia to explore all areas in which their countries can invest other than in the mining sector.

President Sata told the diplomats this morning that Zambia was endowed with plenty of natural resources hence the need to explore diverse areas of investment in the country.


Mr. Sata assured the envoys representing various countries that Zambia has abundant areas of investment in they can choose to invest so that the ordinary local people can benefit.


He said this at State House today when he received letters of credence from 14 ambassadors and High Commissioners representing various countries.


The President cited South Africa as one of the countries that has greatly invested in Zambia.


“What I appeal to you including African diplomats is that there is more to invest in Zambia. You can invest with only five people and you will find local people benefiting. When you are as diplomats, bring here what is lacking in Zambian and attract Zambians to come to your countries,” he said

He said his office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all other ministries were very open to diplomats to consult on issues of investment in the country.

Mr. Sata further implored the new diplomats to organize business delegations from their respective country to visit Zambia and meet the Zambian business community in bid to strengthen trade bilateral relationships.


Meanwhile, President Sata has cautioned the new diplomats accredited to Zambia to refrain from going into provinces and asking opposition political parties about governance issues.

He has instead urged the new diplomats to visit his office or any other government ministry and ask about matters of governance because government institutions were ready to avail the information.


He explained that find good governance cannot exist in a place where there was employment and investment.

“Please don’t go in provinces and ask the opposition about governance if you want to know about governance. Come to my office or go to all the ministries they will let you know. You know under your terms of reference, you are very free and you have access to all of us,” he said.

The President said the only people who can bring about good governance and employment were the diplomats accredited to Zambia.

Mr. Sata said he will not allow diplomats to go round provinces inquiring about governance issues adding that were the economy was slow you don’t expect to find good governance.

The diplomats that presented credentials to President Sata today are from Cuba, Ireland, Kenya, South Africa, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Hungary, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Israel and Ethiopia.


The rest are Hellenic Republic of Greece, Kingdom of Belgium, Cyprus and Canada.