DHL pumps 600 million Euros on capital investment

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———Dalsey, Hilllblom and Lynn
popularly known as DHL has disclosed that it spends 600 million Euros each year on
capital investment.

DHL Chief Executive Officer Global Express Ken Allen says this is because of the exports and imports which are done by the company and some expenses in
acquiring the much need equipment to carry the work efficiently.

He said the company currently has a work force of about 285,000 employees worldwide who offer quality service and local knowledge to satisfy their supply chain requirements.

Mr Allen said this at a media breakfast held at the Zambezi Sun in Livingstone today.

He stated that the company helps Small and Medium Enterprises expand and enter the market through its services worldwide.

“Africa is the last bastion for business globally and over the next few years, will prove its potential as a stable, lucrative continent for international commerce”, he said.

He however noted that despite Africa having potential it is currently only contributing 3% of the global GDP saying it however remains one of the fastest growing continent.

“We have seen positive economic indicators from countries across Sub –Saharan Africa-such as in Zambia, Nigeria, Cote d’lvoire, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda to name a few  and I believe we shall continue to see Africa improve its standing on the international business stage”, he said.

Mr. Allen said infrastructure is a major area of focus for Africa to become globally competitive.

“The Major challenge for Africa and, primarily for us as logistics operators, is to improve infrastructure- whether this is road infrastructure or air capacity”, he said

“We are currently transporting over 80 % of our cargo by air, which can be between 3 and 9 times more expensive than road or rail,” he emphasized.

Mr. Allen says for Africa to become competitive, the current situation needs urgent review, with strong focus on developments of the transport infrastructure.

The CEO and other top officials from DHL are visiting African countries as DHL continues to expand into the continent and increase its vast foot print into far flung, rural areas.

The team will attend DHL’s internal employee celebration in Livingstone, Zambia which acknowledges the company’s superstars from over 60 countries.