NRP president Cosmo Mumba urges youths not to listen to HH

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NATIONAL Restoration Party President Cosmo Mumba has urged Zambian
youths not to listen to his brother Nevers Mumba and Hakainde Hichilema.
Mumba said during the youth day commemoration yesterday which had a
theme Opportunities for the youth through enterprise,that the youths
should not listen to his Brother and HH because they’re being mislead,
“Zambian youths should not be mislead by my brother and HH,they should
listen to Gods voice which preaches reconciliation and not the voice of
division,” Mumba said.
He said people thinking he has lost his political direction because he
is dining with the PF are making a very big mistake because he is being
oriented to become next president,
“I have learnt things I didn’t know about being a president and thank
God for Sata who is training me,” he said.
Mumba said the youth day is not for the PF so he urged all well meaning
Zambians to join in celebrating developmental events if Zambia is to